Like his counterpart, Sunflowerman, not much is known about X-Lightning.  
Some say he is akin to Wolverine, but that is impossible in reality
 do to the fact that Wolverine was a comic book character.  
He is a man in his own right.
A little bit of what we know is that he realized his ability's when he was a toddler, 
playing out in the rain.  A brilliant light reminded him of his family,
 and what his parent's told him about what he was.

X-Lightning has powers unlike anything known to belong to man.  
He can manipulate lightning and electricity, but many believe that at times,
 the lightning controls him.  
It is as though he does not know how to control his own power.

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Anonymous said...

Nice drawings. As far as my illustration goes...don't take it so literal. It's more of a concept as to how some cliques are, but not all of them.