Sunflowerman Logo.ai

Sunflowerman, yet again!

I don't know if I have really explained the entire story behind Sunflowerman as of yet, and that would make sense... Sunflowerman's origins, as it were, are quite ambiguous.  All that is truly known about this terrific hero is that he roams the city of Grand Rapids Michigan, protecting the citizens of this grand city. 

All of that is rather superfluous to the idea at hand, which is these logos above.  I had a project for my intro to digital illustration class to make a logo, and what other logo is there to do than that of the greatest superhero to ever haunt the streets of Grand Rapids.  This project was a stretch for me.  I don't do digital artwork, I prefer the real stuff myself.  But this seems to look nice for a web page or for advertising.

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