Meijer Draw! 3

Here is the third! installment of my ever entertaining meijer draw!
This was a relatively slow day, so I had plenty of time to draw lol.
Finally this time each one is a drawing from a scribble.
Bird wants a piece of you!
(to tell you the truth I love this bird)
A teddy bear with random scribbling I couldn't
figure out anything to do with.
Some sort of Ghost thingy with a banana.
Wouldn't you just like to punch this guy 
right in between the eyes.

To be honest, I really have no idea what this monster is.
It's a froggy =]


illFri: Memories

If thoughts escape me, then
how much more do memories


Video Games

I hate video games! Perhaps the reason is because I just plain suck at them.  There is really little joy found in hour long exercises of hand eye coordination that generally leave me in a heated rage, rather than satisfied enjoyment, or even contentment for that matter.   Beyond my inadequacy are other factors that ruin 'gaming' for me as well; things like games from movies, i.e. LOTR. I don't necessarily agree with the notions of brain rot, especially with such interactive and multi-faceted games as exist today, but finding joy in these games is diff.  The types of games that really get me excited are things like pac man and sega-genesis sonic.


illustration friday

A sketch I submitted to illustration friday.
the topic for this week was 'routine'

Meijer Draw! 2

Here is yet another installment of Meijer Draw! Duly named Meijer Draw! 2. I can't tell you how much trouble this image up-loader is, and how much I am hating! it, but it's all I have, so I am attempting to deal with it. These drawings are more fun than the last installment I think. 

I did deviate from the usual format
on this one.  Instead of scribble then draw, 
I just kinda drew.
I live here (michigan residents- you know)
Old Lady with Big Nose, 
and mole on cheek.
Angry, business man?, or something like that
Let me tell you this, "...
awwwww, what a cute... um... thing.


Meijer Draw!

Meijer Draw!  is something I hope to post with some frequency. 
Basically what it is is me being bored at work.  I just grab some random paper, scribble on it, then see what I can draw from it.  The idea spawned, in some way, from the conjunction of the "Painting a Day" category from one of my favorite sites, lines and colors,and, the fun 'scribble draw' game I do with my friends.
As a cashier at Meijer it's 
really rather boring.  So I have
to come up with something 
that's at least slightly stimulating- right?

This guy I am dubbing 'Tooth Man." I know that it's horribly un-imaginative, but what else could I name him?

Here is a bird about to eat a snake, pretty obvious.

A dude on back of receipt tape.

Who knows what's
going on here?

Happy Birthday!!


I'm the Wolf!

This is a sketch I did about a song by Reliant K, called Deathbed.  The song is really long, but I can pretty much listen to anything Reliant K.  The words to this part of the song are written right on the page, next to the sketch (but that all probably goes without saying).  
To know that even though Christ's death was due to me and my sins, yet He still loves me and wants a relationship with me is redeeming.  The metaphor of the wolf was new and intriguing to me, and since I generally think through my pen, or pencil (whichever may be in my hand at the time lol), I had to draw what I was feeling.  
The most amazing thing to me is that believing in His saving Grace through that death and resurrection is all I need for salvation.  What an awesome, merciful, loving, and powerful God!!!!!


Meijer Sucks! but I still love it!

I work at Meijer, which is a grocery store chain found in the lower portions of Michigan and the northern borders of Indiana and Ohio.  There are some hundred stores, and I work at store #36.  Of the Meijers that I know personally only one store is more ghetto than mine, and that's the 28th street Meijer.  If you live in the West Michigan area then you probably know about which one I am speaking.  At this point it shall remain nameless.

'What do you do at Meijer?,' you may be wondering, well, I am a cashier.   Please hold back on the applause, I know people just looove cashiers, and believe me, the feeling is certainly reciprocated.  My favorite customers are the ones who come into the line with false humility in the hopes of swindling the store out of as much money as you possibly can get away with; that's always a joy.  Let me tell you, just because you have a coupon does not mean that it has to work, there is such a thing as fine print.  Family Fare coupons are not Meijer coupons, Target coupons are not Meijer coupons, Cottonelle coupons do not work for Scott tissue!  

And another thing, when you're standing in line and decide that you don't want something, don't stick it in with the magazines!  Especially if it's meat, or anything else that could spoil, you know who you are.  I don't know if you realize, but when those things go bad because you didn't want to be embarrassed by having to give it to the cashier the store has to cover the cost somehow, and guess what, prices increase.  Wow, what a concept.

In all honesty it's not all bad.  In general people are really nice and just want to get in and out and move on with their lives.  There are even times when you get to have pleasant conversations with people.  And in other instances, you get to know about peoples lives and their hurts and joys.  One lady in particular, who is a joy to see whenever she comes through my lane, has a sister with lung cancer.  She is in my earnest prayers every night.

There are infinite anecdotes being a cashier, and I can't wait to tell them to you, lololol.

Kareem Iliya

Here are some images I just found by Kareem Iliya, and here's the best part, He works with watercolor and ink on paper.  Ooooooohhh, I love watercolor and ink!!!! Those two mediums combined are probably the best things to ever happen to man kind, except for maybe two things; Christ dying on the cross for the redemption of our sins, and Aunt Jemima Pancakes, respectively.

Here's what I've learned about him; in 1967 he was born in Beirut , Lebanon.  He attended the Institute of Fashion Technology where he studied fashion design, later getting a degree in textiles and clothing at the University of Texas (that part I could have done without lol).  There wasn't much more than that on the surface of things.


Mo' Notes

Everyone fails, and God is waiting for you to call on His Name.
False Expectations Appearing Real; just count on God.
Don't confuse jealousy and envy...
Being tempted is not sinning; succumbing to the temptation is.
Cast your cares on Jesus!

Here are some more 'notes' that I've taken.  I use the term notes loosely, in that these were done in my sketch book and are primarily drawings and sketches rather than actual words.  Still, I hold to the fact the images have power, and that, in my instance, they do as much or more for me than the written word.  Then again, the written word is such a magnificent and significant form of art that I just can't separate the two.

Failure and Discouragement...

Failure is the inability to complete a task, and discouragement, rather, is the conception or mis-conception of inability.  Discouragement is likely a precursor to failure; conceiving in the mind and heart the inability of a task, maturing in the soul to a belief and 'knowledge' of disability.  Discouragement leads to fear of failure as a human condition for self-worth and a desire for false-esteem (self-esteem as a means for happiness).  Failure is not ultimately the end; it leads also to discouragement through conceivably inconceivable accomplishment.  Truly, failure is a man perceiving inability as the impossible; relinquishing perseverance to discouragement.  Through God the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our Christ and Saviour, there is no failure.  Yearning after the Heart of God, the longing for His Love, is the perseverance of life, overcoming of discouragement, and the destruction of failure.

relevant quotes
">Failure Quotes


Pancakes- Aunt Jemima style

    It's a Sunflowerman-'S'-Aunt-Jemima-Pancake!
oh boy oh boy!  Aunt Jemima Pancakes are likely the most refined pancakes you could ever eat.  My personal favorite is the 'just add water' kind, because anything else is just a waste of time.


Here are some notes I've taken during church and classes at church.  I mixed in a little o'sketchin' with the writin'.


Hello, hello!  I have to start out saying that I am a HUGE fan of Edgar Allan Poe, but my scorching reprise and arrogant degradation do not quite match up the same, sorry.  An initial observation I want to share with everyone about me is that I absolutely looove to draw, and I love art in general, but to call me an artist would probably be going a step too far.
Matt and Art, hrmmm, that could be a confusing, perhaps perplexing, title, though probably not as much so as I fancy it to be.  So no, there is no one named 'Art' participating in this blog, although I know I would love to meet someone named Art so far as you, yes I'm talking to you future friend Art, enjoy engaging in trivial and generally frivolous conversations that really only end in personal satisfaction and not in 'big' problems we face in this world, such as 'global warming,' and presidential 'debates.'
I can't wait to talk with everyone about, just about anything I guess.

oh yeah, I almost forgot about the coolest guy in the world... Sunflowerman!  My hope is that he will chime in every once and a while, perhaps add his two cents worth.  If you don't know, he is the superhero! of Grand Rapids