illFri: Strings

When I was employed at Meijer, they said there were no strings attached...
but little did they know, that I was pulling the strings.


Reverend Fun

I came across this guys cartoons by accident, and I love them to pieces!  This is from the site of a hilarious, and, might I say, brilliant, artist's biblical cartoons.  To be honest, I don't even know who the artist is, but that could be due to the fact that I haven't yet tried to research it, hrmmm...  Anyway, I really love the way this guy uses humor, but stays true to what the bible has to say.  All of the illustrations are fantastic.  

LOL, like the one about the book by Jonah!  No runs, from God, or at least, no one does it and succeeds.  But the first one really does have powerful convictions.  What else are we doing if we're not praying to God?

illFri: Sugary

Pixie Stix are just soooo sugary...


Meijer Draw! 6

So this is really interesting; I found that I did so many more of these drawings than I had anticipated. It seemed for a while that I wasn't finding any time at work (mainly because the fools haven't been scheduling me any hours lol) to draw any of my Meijer Draw!s, but apparently I was quite wrong. I split the different drawings up according to when they were completed, from the most recent on this post, to the furthest back in time in the auxiliary Meijer Draw! blog posts. Wasn't actually sure how to explain that whole thing lol.

two of these drawings seem very familiar.
see what two are not like the other ones LOL!!
do you feel like your back in kindergarten yet?

Meijer Draw! 6-2

Here are the not-so-recent-but-finally-just-being-posted Meijer Draw! drawings 
that were neatly, 
or not so neatly, depending on how you look at it, 
tucked away.