illFri: Island

I can do whatever I want on my own private island!

Perhaps this is outrageously cluttered, but I need have all of these images,
if only for my own sake. I have recently, like, within the last couple weeks,
begun to learn the programs that most of the world already uses;
Photoshop and Illustrator.
These three images are the illustrator-ed,
original (which I really love in all of it's genuine-ness),
and the photoshop-ed versions, respectively.


Rui Sousa said...

really nice!

(the temporary)

INDIGENE said...

I like the graphic and line quality of this piece!


Juan said...

Very nice drawing Matthew!

Connie said...

Like you, I'm drawn (I didn't plan that!) to your original, but with such wonderful line work you will obviously be able to do wonderful things with photoshop (and Illustrator?).