Itai, the Illustrator

Alright, alright; I don't know if you know about my disgust with digital artwork, but this is just mind blowing to me.  I love it, I love it, I love it... and might I say, I love it!!!!  Now, that's not to say that my view on digi-art (as I say), has improved greatly, but it certainly has improved, slightly.  
The artist, Itai, born in 1975, is from Israel, and has been in the 'industry' since 1990.  I found this work posted on the illustrator world website http://www.illustratorworld.com/.

Perhaps the smooth lines and curves of the face, and soft tones of the skin are not as attainable in painting.  Perhaps in a digital age and a media dominated generation, this type of art seems slightly more attractive.  Perhaps this is what the world is turning to as the future of aesthetics, but I promise you that when a painting is done by hand, with, yes I know this is absolutely corny and horribly cliche, with love, then it contains so much more beauty, and inspiration, and quality than something done intangibly and simply stored in virtual data.
I guess that what I've said thus far seems confusing and contradictory, but the summation is that, though I completely appreciate the ability of Itai to spend the amount of time and effort in this digital program, I have little respect for digital artwotk.

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rikkicksbutt said...

That's amazing.
I want to be able to do that.
haha and might i say.. ouch.