Meijer Draw! 5

 This day I only had time for one developed sketch.  I really like to do more than one when I do a post, but this is a nice change from the normal format.  In fact, this day at work, I wasn't even going to do a drawing, then a lovely greeter, who we shall call Janice, asked (paraphrased of course, I do have the worst memory), "What have you drawn today?"  At this point I hadn't done any drawing, so I decided that I would.  In the end it made the day go by faster, as it always does, and it made me happy to draw, as drawing always does lol.

I don't know what to name this guy, but I think that he could be used as a metaphor for all of the things I find disgusting at meijer.  The most egregious offense is that I have to tuck in my shirt!  I know right, it's horrible.  I hate tucking in my shirts; it's uncomfortable, and ugly!  C'mon, back me up on this one.  There are a few other things, but I'll just leave those out for now.  So... perhaps I'll call him 'the Egregious Tucker.'  I kinda like that, please chime in with your thoughts.


rikkicksbutt said...

Tucking in the shirt!?!
I'm so sorry.
I had to do that at McDonalds n I wanted to cry.. lol.

Kelly B. said...

I love your work! It's like it has motion to it. I can easily see it moving. I agree with the whole tuck in shirt thing. In the 90's, they made shorts for women that snapped at the crotch - like baby onesies. You wore jeans over it to achieve that tucked in look without the shirt coming untucked. It was horrible. I never bought one, but thought about the humiliation of it all. I've added your blog to my list.