I'm the Wolf!

This is a sketch I did about a song by Reliant K, called Deathbed.  The song is really long, but I can pretty much listen to anything Reliant K.  The words to this part of the song are written right on the page, next to the sketch (but that all probably goes without saying).  
To know that even though Christ's death was due to me and my sins, yet He still loves me and wants a relationship with me is redeeming.  The metaphor of the wolf was new and intriguing to me, and since I generally think through my pen, or pencil (whichever may be in my hand at the time lol), I had to draw what I was feeling.  
The most amazing thing to me is that believing in His saving Grace through that death and resurrection is all I need for salvation.  What an awesome, merciful, loving, and powerful God!!!!!

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