Meijer Draw! 3

Here is the third! installment of my ever entertaining meijer draw!
This was a relatively slow day, so I had plenty of time to draw lol.
Finally this time each one is a drawing from a scribble.
Bird wants a piece of you!
(to tell you the truth I love this bird)
A teddy bear with random scribbling I couldn't
figure out anything to do with.
Some sort of Ghost thingy with a banana.
Wouldn't you just like to punch this guy 
right in between the eyes.

To be honest, I really have no idea what this monster is.
It's a froggy =]

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renato lopes said...

Hi Matthew

In this illustration I used two techniques.
The frog was done by hand (as you can see in the link---- http://
0-h/155227-002.jpg) which I later changed colors in the computer.
The flowers and the background were all done in the computer. The
frog took me close to two hours to finish and the whole composition,
another hour.

Lately I have enjoyed much more drawing by hand. But I believe that
the ideal is to use every resource in order to get to a good final

I saw your blog and really liked your drawings. Congratulations.