Failure and Discouragement...

Failure is the inability to complete a task, and discouragement, rather, is the conception or mis-conception of inability.  Discouragement is likely a precursor to failure; conceiving in the mind and heart the inability of a task, maturing in the soul to a belief and 'knowledge' of disability.  Discouragement leads to fear of failure as a human condition for self-worth and a desire for false-esteem (self-esteem as a means for happiness).  Failure is not ultimately the end; it leads also to discouragement through conceivably inconceivable accomplishment.  Truly, failure is a man perceiving inability as the impossible; relinquishing perseverance to discouragement.  Through God the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our Christ and Saviour, there is no failure.  Yearning after the Heart of God, the longing for His Love, is the perseverance of life, overcoming of discouragement, and the destruction of failure.

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