Meijer Sucks! but I still love it!

I work at Meijer, which is a grocery store chain found in the lower portions of Michigan and the northern borders of Indiana and Ohio.  There are some hundred stores, and I work at store #36.  Of the Meijers that I know personally only one store is more ghetto than mine, and that's the 28th street Meijer.  If you live in the West Michigan area then you probably know about which one I am speaking.  At this point it shall remain nameless.

'What do you do at Meijer?,' you may be wondering, well, I am a cashier.   Please hold back on the applause, I know people just looove cashiers, and believe me, the feeling is certainly reciprocated.  My favorite customers are the ones who come into the line with false humility in the hopes of swindling the store out of as much money as you possibly can get away with; that's always a joy.  Let me tell you, just because you have a coupon does not mean that it has to work, there is such a thing as fine print.  Family Fare coupons are not Meijer coupons, Target coupons are not Meijer coupons, Cottonelle coupons do not work for Scott tissue!  

And another thing, when you're standing in line and decide that you don't want something, don't stick it in with the magazines!  Especially if it's meat, or anything else that could spoil, you know who you are.  I don't know if you realize, but when those things go bad because you didn't want to be embarrassed by having to give it to the cashier the store has to cover the cost somehow, and guess what, prices increase.  Wow, what a concept.

In all honesty it's not all bad.  In general people are really nice and just want to get in and out and move on with their lives.  There are even times when you get to have pleasant conversations with people.  And in other instances, you get to know about peoples lives and their hurts and joys.  One lady in particular, who is a joy to see whenever she comes through my lane, has a sister with lung cancer.  She is in my earnest prayers every night.

There are infinite anecdotes being a cashier, and I can't wait to tell them to you, lololol.


Anonymous said...

I'll leave my name unknown...but I not only know the Meijer chain extremely well, but many retail stores in general. (As well as the retail market)

I whole-heartedly agree with the fact that shoppers can be an absolute nuisance; however, there are many times in which the individuals working at these stores are no help either. (And Meijer is NO exception)

As a shopper, there's nothing more comforting to know than the fact that you are severly insignificant to the people who work there and fail to realize that we help you receive a paycheck. Though one single shopper seems to be insignificant, the water will always flow downstream. It only takes a few people who really hate the fact that they are treated this way to begin to send a message..."Don't shop there". I personally have nothing against Meijer, but there is definately room for improvement on many levels.

Another annoying thing, and this isn't just with Meijer but with many retail stores, is being an obvious shopper and having another shopper come up to you and ask where to find something. My common response is somewhere along the line of, "I don't know. I don't work here" or "Oh, let me pull the map of this store out of my back pocket, because I always know where everything is whenever I go shopping". For some odd reason people don't like it when you answer with sarcasm, but it's a little more PC than calling them an outright retard.

So with those thoughts, I'll close with the fact that there are always going to be issues, whether they be customer or store related. How you choose to approach those issues is what will make the difference.

Matthew A said...

lolol I wish I could get back to you anonymous. I know full well the quality of Meijer cashiers. I myself am not a thoroughbred of cashier (or is it, a thoroughbred cashier?), but I feel that I am an alright cashier. With that said, I am the one saying it, so objectivity is pretty much out the window, and there is such a breeze tonight *brrrr.

To be honest, I don't quite understand the first half of the first sentence of the third paragraph. The rest of it I get. I understand that job security doesn't mean, 'are my bosses happy with me?' it's, "are people still shopping here?" and that is why I try to be as sincere and cheerful as I can. But back to the sentence-paragraph thing I was mentioning; perhaps you could try to rephrase that so my feeble mind could understand? thank you =]

LOL again, maybe you should carry a map of every store around with you, to be ready for those irritating moments. Or maybe look less obvious lol, and fumble around with the products, or look puzzled and without a clue. Then ask other people you know have no clue and laugh inside. Actually, no, don't do that lol, it's a mean and sarcastic, and doesn't belong in a social setting (or maybe even any setting).

Thanks for the comments anony, is it alright that I call you anony, or do you prefer anonymous. Personally I like nicknames, and anony, is one of my top ten names for when I have kids.

Anonymous said...

Funny! Yah, I have been cashiering at a Meijer in Ohio for a few months now. It's ok.....I'm getting pretty good at it even though I had about fifteen minutes of actual training before going on a lane (besides ALL the online stuff) You are right about most of the customers being pretty nice. The ones that are not I want to smack them upside the head with my hand scanner! haha The thing I hate the most is when people bring about ten of their own bags (so small you can barely fit two cereal boxes in them) for you to put their groceries in. Drives me nuts! lol