Hello, hello!  I have to start out saying that I am a HUGE fan of Edgar Allan Poe, but my scorching reprise and arrogant degradation do not quite match up the same, sorry.  An initial observation I want to share with everyone about me is that I absolutely looove to draw, and I love art in general, but to call me an artist would probably be going a step too far.
Matt and Art, hrmmm, that could be a confusing, perhaps perplexing, title, though probably not as much so as I fancy it to be.  So no, there is no one named 'Art' participating in this blog, although I know I would love to meet someone named Art so far as you, yes I'm talking to you future friend Art, enjoy engaging in trivial and generally frivolous conversations that really only end in personal satisfaction and not in 'big' problems we face in this world, such as 'global warming,' and presidential 'debates.'
I can't wait to talk with everyone about, just about anything I guess.

oh yeah, I almost forgot about the coolest guy in the world... Sunflowerman!  My hope is that he will chime in every once and a while, perhaps add his two cents worth.  If you don't know, he is the superhero! of Grand Rapids

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