Meijer Draw!

Meijer Draw!  is something I hope to post with some frequency. 
Basically what it is is me being bored at work.  I just grab some random paper, scribble on it, then see what I can draw from it.  The idea spawned, in some way, from the conjunction of the "Painting a Day" category from one of my favorite sites, lines and colors,and, the fun 'scribble draw' game I do with my friends.
As a cashier at Meijer it's 
really rather boring.  So I have
to come up with something 
that's at least slightly stimulating- right?

This guy I am dubbing 'Tooth Man." I know that it's horribly un-imaginative, but what else could I name him?

Here is a bird about to eat a snake, pretty obvious.

A dude on back of receipt tape.

Who knows what's
going on here?

Happy Birthday!!

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Liu said...

Great doodles! my favorite is the Bird, but I'm sure this snake is out of danger somehow! More doodles!