Meijer Draw! 6

So this is really interesting; I found that I did so many more of these drawings than I had anticipated. It seemed for a while that I wasn't finding any time at work (mainly because the fools haven't been scheduling me any hours lol) to draw any of my Meijer Draw!s, but apparently I was quite wrong. I split the different drawings up according to when they were completed, from the most recent on this post, to the furthest back in time in the auxiliary Meijer Draw! blog posts. Wasn't actually sure how to explain that whole thing lol.

two of these drawings seem very familiar.
see what two are not like the other ones LOL!!
do you feel like your back in kindergarten yet?

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Azulita said...

Hi. You definitely have great concepts, if you want to start adding color to them I recommend bringing a pack of highlighters to Meijer's with you. Throw in a couple of non-waterproof pens (for blendings sake) and then just keep on drawing until you find the color combinations that click for you. Most of my best drawings are done on postit notes at work with only what I can find in my drawer.