Punch You In the Face, a Commentary

One of a few videos in which I am driving and talking, believe me, it is completely safe. And, if I do say so myself, quite entertaining, though you may need to know me. Perhaps not, perhaps you will find joy in the ramblings of an un-adolescent, perhaps you will be able to empathize with me.
Just take a watch...


NateBear said...

haha. just watched that whole thing. It shouldn't have been entertaining, but somehow i was transfixed. I'm just a born people watcher tho. I think people are most amusing when they are just being themselves.

Nice hood too. I am also of the zip-up only sect of hoodites. I have yet to make the hoodie i designed that has a zipper but still has the pull-over-style single pocket in the front that you can put both hands thru at once. Actually, as I wrote that sentence i figured out an alternate strategy for achieving the pocket on a zip-up.

NateBear said...

Ps tanks for posting a comment and reading my on post last year. I appreciate it.