TJOP Meijer Draw

These are lamenting figures.  It works better for me to keep them vague, just figures, rather than to identify each as an individual, because that would just be too much work.  The concept is derived from the Greek myth the Judgement of Paris, and the competition of three women, the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, to be awarded a golden apple 'for the fairest one.'  Paris chose Aphrodite, and ignites the Trojan War.   

The overall goal of conceptualizing these figures is to be rendered as a cd cover design for the band 'the Judgement of Paris.'  
So instead of actually doing work at meijer, that is if you consider cashiering to actually be work, I draw.  I must admit that I don't always have the luxury of doodling while at 'work,' so the times that I do, I take advantage.  This is only a sampling of my handi-work, but the better portion of that particular day. 

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